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Frequently Asked Questions - Maintenance and Services

Why does Crown Aviation schedule a whole week for my annual?
Many annuals are completed in less then a week. But doing an annual is more that just inspecting your aircraft once every year. It involves doing a comprehensive search of all Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins, and then comparing this with the log books to check for compliance. We keep this compliance record as a part of your paper work to show, in a single document, that all the AD's and SB’s are up to date. This can be a great aid when selling or buying an aircraft, and should the need arise for your insurance company.

You make it sound like many shops do not do this AD research?
It has been our experience to find items missed by other shops or individual technicians, even though the log book states that “All AD’s have been complied with. This can be a result of assumptions on the part of the inspector that the aircraft was airworthy the last time someone else signed off the log book.

What does it mean that Crown Aviation is a Cessna Service Center?
A Cessna Service Center is a shop authorized by Cessna to sell Cessna parts. It also means that we carry a significant number of parts in stock at all times. Cessna, like many other suppliers and manufacturers, will not sell to directly to individuals or shops that are not a Cessna Service Center.

Does that mean that Crown Aviation has a monopoly on Cessna parts?
No. Local shops are not required to buy from any particular Service Center. They have a choice of buying from any Cessna Service Center, and make that choice based on knowledge and service.

Can Crown Aviation get parts for aircraft other than Cessna?
Crown had been providing service for over 30 years for every make and model of light aircraft. As the fleet of general aviation aircraft gets older, many parts are becoming more difficult to find. We have been locating these hard to find parts for a long time.

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Paine Field
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Phone: 425-355-4088